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Name: Juno Regina Haus Juris

Juno Regina vom Haus Juris is an operational search and rescue air scenting dog with VSRDA (
Virginia Search and Rescue Dog Association). With handler and owner Jutka Terris, Juno will look for lost Alzheimer patients, children, hikers, hunters or anyone else who may be lost in the woods or other wilderness areas in Virginia. Unlike tracking dogs, Juno does not need a scent article to follow in a person's footsteps; rather, she ranges freely off lead and will close in on any human scent, working her way to its source. Once she locates the lost person, she runs back to her handler, jumps on her to indicate the find, and leads her back to where the person is.

Search and rescue is a fulfilling but demanding volunteer activity. It took Juno and Jutka two years of regular training and six increasingly difficult tests, culminating in a multi-victim 160 acre task, to become operational.

Juno, once the most curious puppy in her litter, has just the right temperament for a search and rescue dog: she has strong drive, loves people, and is an intelligent independent problem solver. With a great nose, of course!
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