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"The Rock Stars" Story

Name: "Rocky" Rocket Haus Juris

Rocky is a purebred West German Showline German Shepherd trained as a seizure alert/response dog. This past winter his handler went outside for a brief moment and he had Rocky with him off lead. He forgot Rocky's special cell phone inside the house. He had a "drop seizure" near the road and when he came out of the seizure he suffered head and hip injuries and he was unable to move his legs.

The temperature was -10F and Rocky remained with his handler as he was trained to do. Rocky was wearing his Palisades Ruff Wear vest. His handler used the handle on the vest and Rocky pulled him for over 50 feet through the ice and snow to the house,opened the door, pulled him inside and he then used the special cell phone to call for assistance then family members arrived.

Rocky is adored by every person he meets and he loves every person he comes in contact with.

Rocky is his handler's "Rock Star."

Rocky was trained by Seizure Alert Dogs for Life, Inc. -
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Rocket Haus Juris
Rocket Haus Juris
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